Piksters Kink多角度齿间刷 Size 8 橙色 7支

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  • 中文名称 :Piksters Kink多角度齿间刷 Size 8 橙色 7支
  • 外文名称 :Piksters Interdental Brush Size 8 X 7
  • 品牌 :Piksters
Piksters - This pack contains 7 individual brushes for cleaning in between your teeth. Piksters interdental brushes are small cylindrical brushes designed to slide into and clean the spaces between the teeth. Unlike floss, they can engage and remove the plaque from within the small crevices. It is important to effectively remove this plaque and bacteria, at least once a day. The longer the bacteria remain undisturbed, the more they are likely to cause decay and gum inflammation and eventually gum disease. Piksters can be used one-handed, the cap can be used to extend the handle which also makes them easier to manipulate than floss and they are reusable, (rinse between use) so they represent good value.